Billy Reid

As the in-house developer for Billy Reid, I'm heavily involved with We are currently built on a Rails platform called Gemgento that uses Magento's API to handle all e-commerce operations. runs on Rails, Haml, SCSS, CoffeeScript, MySQL, and some PHP.

Foxy Foods Catering

Foxy Foods Catering is based out of Gordo, AL. They needed a fast, lean web presence, so I built them a static site using Middleman. I forewent jQuery and front-end frameworks, and as a result, the whole site clocks in at just over 5kB (not counting images).

Foxy Foods is running on Slim, SCSS, and just a little bit of CoffeeScript.


This very website! I built this site on Middleman, using Slim, SCSS, and just a little bit of JavaScript. It uses Bourbon, Neat, and Bitters to make things look pretty.

Shoals Take Out

Shoals Takeout is a work-in-progress Rails app that I am building for a local startup.

Wildwood Tavern

Wildwood Tavern hired me to build their website in 2015. The site is built on Middleman using Slim, SCSS, and Vanilla JavaScript. It uses jeet for its grid system.